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  • GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY Full Mix 02:07 Raw And Poppy Feel-good Indie Folk Track Bursting With Energ… 1
  • HAPPY PLACE Full Mix 01:44 Cheery Warm And Upbeat Indie Folk With Catch Phrase Lyrics A… 10
  • JUST WHAT I NEED Full Mix 02:05 Warm And Friendly Track Featuring Male Vocals With A Positiv… 22
  • HOW YOU BEEN Full Mix 02:03 Good-natured Vocal Catch Phrase "How You Been" Matched With… 34
  • YOU BRING OUT THE BEST IN ME Full Mix 02:15 Thoughtful And Appreciative Track With Vocal Catch Phrase "y… 45
  • KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON Full Mix 02:25 Jangly Indie Folk Song With An Optimistic Outlook Featuring… 56
  • MADELEINE Full Mix 01:59 Medium Fast Acoustic Pop With Melodic Mandolin And Wordless… 68
  • GOING NOWHERE Full Mix 02:33 Emotive Folk Rock Track Featuring Elec Guitars, Mandolin And… 78
  • HIGHS AND LOWS Full Mix 01:46 Melancholy Acoustic Indie Folk Ballad Featuring Somber Yet H… 89
  • RIGHT WHERE I BELONG Full Mix 02:10 Bright And Lively Indie Folk With A Summery Feel Featuring B… 99
  • REGULAR GUY Full Mix 01:54 Laidback And Friendly Country Style Folk, Suggested For Home… 110
  • SEA OF EMOTION Full Mix 02:00 Acoustic Guitar And Banjo Drive This Determined Up-tempo Ind… 120
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