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  • A CONQUERED WORLD Full Mix 02:16 Despairing Ethereal Soprano Vocal Intro Builds @ 0:47 With I… 1
  • TITAN UNLEASHED Full Mix 02:41 Stirring Emotive Beginning Builds With Soaring Brass, String… 12
  • HERO OF MANKIND Full Mix 02:33 Intro Begins Like A Sirens Call To Action That Is Answered B… 20
  • ADVENTURE ACROSS THE SEAS Full Mix 02:04 Epic Orchestral Action Trailer With A Dashing Flamboyant Fee… 31
  • RETURN OF THE MOUNTAIN KING Full Mix 02:09 Epic Tailorized Re-imagining Of Greig's Classic Tale Of Esca… 42
  • GODS OF WAR Full Mix 02:21 Starts With Low Drone, Pulse & Wailing Voice @ 0:47 Build Up… 56
  • INVASION Full Mix 02:48 Desolate Start Slowly Increases Intensity @0:50 The Build Up… 66
  • RISE TO THE THRONE Full Mix 02:30 Rousing Triumphant Orchestral Trailer - Angelic Intro With C… 77
  • MYTHOLOGICAL POWER Full Mix 02:25 Fabulous Mysterious Creature Rises On The Wings Of Insistent… 85
  • BATTLE OF LACRIMOSA Full Mix 02:41 Haunting Soprano Voice With Percussion Intro Slowly Rises To… 96
  • MISCHIEVOUS GOD Full Mix 02:12 Playful Fantasy Intro Of Strings And Voice Turns Darker @0:3… 106
  • REDEMPTION Full Mix 02:43 Anguished Sorrowful Vocal Intro Slowly Builds From 40sec Wit… 116
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