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  • A FUNNY DAY Full Mix 01:31 Pizzicato Strings, Celeste And Marimba Playfully Intertwine… 1
  • ATTRACTIVE LADY Full Mix 01:30 Bouncy Fun Rom-com Cue Evokes A Feeling Of Love At First Sig… 12
  • SAME THOUGHT Full Mix 01:48 Bright Positive Piano Melody Builds With Pizzicato Strings,… 24
  • DATE NIGHT Full Mix 01:48 Cool Groovy Piano Riff Adds Swagger To This Jaunty Cue, Idea… 37
  • LOOKING FOR A CHANCE Full Mix 01:59 Joyful, Jaunty And Jolly Cue With A Hopeful Optimistic Outlo… 49
  • ENAMOURED Full Mix 01:38 Sentimental Piano And Strings Intro Which Transitions To A M… 59
  • BUTTERFLY Full Mix 01:42 Light And Delicate Waltz With A Sentimental Mood, Featuring… 71
  • FLIRTING Full Mix 01:52 Quirky Light-hearted Romantic Comedy Cue Featuring Accordion… 82
  • THE DAY WE MET Full Mix 01:41 Gentle Reflective Theme With Beautiful Melody Reminiscing On… 92
  • LIKING YOU Full Mix 01:43 Optimistic Romantic Theme Ideal For Rom-coms, With A Strong… 104
  • I WAS JOKING Full Mix 01:37 Innocent Faux Pas Can Lead To Regret And Awkward Moments, Cu… 112
  • LOVEBIRDS Full Mix 01:43 Heart-warming Rom-com Theme With Romantic Piano Melody. Swe… 123
  • WHOOPS Full Mix 01:29 Offbeat And Quirky Humorous Cue Ideal For Those Funny Oops M… 135
  • STRINGS ATTACHED Full Mix 01:56 Jaunty, Light-hearted And Charming Cue With An Uplifting Mel… 146
  • BLIND DATE Full Mix 01:33 Bright And Playful Cue With A Charming Naivety That Makes It… 155
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