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  • CHIRPY Full Mix 01:46 Uber Catchy Happy-go-lucky Tune Which Wil Bring A Smile To Y… 1
  • CHUFFED Full Mix 01:55 Breeze Through The Day With This Joyous Bustling Upbeat 3/4… 11
  • FUN DAY OUT Full Mix 01:56 Vibrant Joyful And Percussive Theme Great For Commercials Or… 21
  • PARISIAN SWING Full Mix 02:03 Up-tempo French Styled Gypsy Jazz With A Charming Perky Retr… 31
  • JOY RIDE Full Mix 02:20 Santa's Little Helpers Couldn't Be Happier Whistling While T… 41
  • STROLLING Full Mix 02:10 Nonchalant, Happy And Contented, Life Is Good Strolling With… 51
  • JAMAICA Full Mix 01:41 Relax And Enjoy The Laidback Tropical Lifestyle Even If Its… 61
  • FREE AS A BIRD Full Mix 01:59 Easy-going And Content, Enjoying Life, Free To Roam As I Ple… 71
  • HAPPY GO Full Mix 01:40 Boppy Bright And Bouncy Rollicking Retro Rock Track. 81
  • CONTENTO Full Mix 01:40 Cool As A Cucumber Folky Cue Lopes Along At A Gentle Relaxed… 92
  • PUCKER UP Full Mix 02:07 Good-natured Light Rock Cue That Strolls Along At A Leisurel… 102
  • BREEZY Full Mix 02:32 Care-free Summery Cue With A Relaxed Positive Acoustic Feel. 112
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