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  • Army Of Drums Full Mix 01:48 Dark Nervous Atmospherics, Ominous Ticking Rhythm Interspersed With Explosive Cinematic Drums 1
  • Drumfire Full Mix 01:36 Tense Dynamic Electronic Rhythms & Bass Drone Punctuated By High Impact Drums 10
  • Time Bomb Full Mix 01:40 Machine-like Drone, Subtle 'Ticking' Electro Rhythms Punctuated With Epic Drum Slams 18
  • Dark Impact Full Mix 01:47 Eerie Dark Spacey Drone FX, Ominous Strident Drums, Hybrid Rhythms & FX 25
  • Hostile Pursuit Full Mix 01:48 Adrenaline Fuelled High Impact Drum Slams, Urgent Electro Grooves, Drone FX 32
  • The Machine Rises Full Mix 01:25 Dark Ominous Spacey Drone, Slow Military March Style Snare & Stomping Explosive Drum Hits 40
  • Invisible Threat Full Mix 02:09 Dark Sombre Drone, Medium Tempo Army Drill Style Drums Punctuated By High Impact Percussion Slams 48
  • Termination Instruction Full Mix 02:37 Dramatic, Edgy & Cinematic High Impact Drum Groove, Dark Subversive Drone 57
  • Imminent Danger Full Mix 01:51 Ominous Drone, Urgent Electronic Rhythms & FX, High Impact Cinematic Drum Punctuations 65
  • Doom Walker Full Mix 02:08 Slow Dystopian Atmosphere, 'Ticking' Electro Rhythm, Dark Sombre Drone FX, High Impact Punctuations 77
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