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  • Light Up Full Mix 03:41 Positive Carefree Groovy Electro Funky Pop With Infectious Female Vocal Chorus Hook 1
  • Replay Full Mix 03:48 Female Vocal Led Power Pop With Punchy Edgy Chorus 13
  • Fragile Full Mix 04:17 Atmospheric Pop Ballad With Powerful Female Vocal with a Drum & Bass Ending 28
  • Run Away Full Mix 03:28 Uplifting Driving Bhangra Beat Pop Featuring Hooky Female Vocals 45
  • Freedom Full Mix 04:32 Smooth Melodic Contemporary Pop Moombahton Style With Positive Hooky Female Vocal 58
  • Bring Me Down Full Mix 04:27 Empowering Hip Hop Style Pop With A Dub Step Edge Featuring Female Rap & Hooky Soulful Vocals 71
  • Confessions Full Mix 04:12 Atmospheric Emotionally Empowering Pop Ballad With Female Vocal 83
  • Never Let Me Go Full Mix 03:16 Dark, Empowering Heartfelt Power Ballad Featuring Strong Female Vocal 96
  • Rome Full Mix 03:36 Punchy Driving Dubstep Styled Drum & Bass Featuring Uplifting Spacey Female Vocal 109
  • Cry Full Mix 04:33 Cool Confident Electro Pop With Female Rap & Vocal 124
  • Roll The Dice Full Mix 04:03 Dark Urgent Electro Pop With Soulful Uplifting Female Vocal 137
  • Powerful Love Full Mix 03:16 Funky Soulful Pop With Femaie Rap Style Melodic Vocal 149
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