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  • Unknown Dangers Full Mix 02:57 Strange, Dark And Dramatically Impending, This Intriguing So… 1
  • Turning Point Full Mix 02:48 Modern, Pulsing And Suspenseful Hybrid Underscore. Serious R… 2
  • Cliffhanger Full Mix 02:34 Dark, Tensed, Evolving Hybrid Soundtrack For Intense & Dange… 3
  • Affairs & Intrigues Full Mix 02:40 An Atmospheric, Mysterious, Serious And Questioning Track Wi… 4
  • Serious Risks Full Mix 02:43 Tense Synth Drones Combine With Insistent Guitar And Synth P… 5
  • Last Warning Full Mix 02:58 Dark, Mysterious And Tensed. This Modern Soundtrack Track Sl… 6
  • Relentless Pursuit Full Mix 02:50 A Building & Intense Underscore Driven By Rapid Pulses, Cont… 7
  • Adventurers & Explorers Full Mix 02:35 With A Wondrous Orchestral Opening, This Track Is Explorativ… 8
  • Survival Of The Slickest Full Mix 03:14 Dark, Threatening And Tensed Soundtrack With Dark Synths, Or… 9
  • Courageous & Brave Full Mix 02:38 Cinematic, Tense And Thrilling. Epic Orchestral Colors Inter… 10
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