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  • Fight Back Full Mix 02:41 Hard-hitting, Hybrid Trailer Soundtrack Driven By Dirty, Gri… 1
  • Point Of No Return Full Mix 01:53 Dark & Mysterious Intro With Apprehensive Sound FX Leads Int… 2
  • Legends Rising Full Mix 02:15 Epic And Emotionally Adventurous Trailer Track Building To A… 3
  • Operation Django Full Mix 02:04 Hybrid Western Trailer Fused With A Modern Take On Classic S… 4
  • Heavy Forces Full Mix 02:37 Unsettling Action To Majestic Hybrid Orchestral Trailer. An… 5
  • Explosive Impacts Full Mix 01:52 Dystopian Dramatic Intro That Kicks Off Half-way Through Wit… 6
  • Push The Limits Full Mix 02:46 Wild And Crazy Drums With Heavy Impacts, Heart-pounding Soun… 7
  • Path To Victory Full Mix 02:06 Intense Orchestral Intro With Dark Booms And Fateful Strings… 8
  • Villains & Heroes Full Mix 02:03 Tense Intro Building To A Glorious Hybrid Orchestral Trailer… 9
  • Electrified Knockout Full Mix 02:26 Fat And Gritty Synth Bass Intro With Hard-hitting Drum Attac… 10
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