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  • Majestic Universe Full Mix 02:08 Spacey Epic Electronica Celebrating The Majesty Of The Universe 1
  • Black Hole Full Mix 02:10 Dark Atmospheric Synth Pad Washes, Spacey Electronica, Slow Ominous Pulse, Earthy Sound Design 4
  • Heliosphere Full Mix 02:08 Dreamy Celestial Electronic Soundscape Evoking The Beauty Of The Night Sky 7
  • Cosmos Full Mix 02:08 Epic Majestic Spacey Theme, Sweeping Layered Synths, Electronica Beats Inspiring A Sense Of Ethereaity & Cosmic Awe 10
  • From Beyond Full Mix 02:08 Unsettling Macabre Spacey Synth Soundscapes, Pulsating Electronica 13
  • Deep Space Full Mix 02:07 Mysterious Atmospheric Electronic Soundscapes Building To Feeling Of Cosmic Majesty 16
  • Alien Aftermath Full Mix 02:04 Dark Brooding Synthy Atmospherics Exploring The Further Reaches Of The Solar System 19
  • Galactic Exploration Full Mix 02:17 Spacey Dystopian Synthy Soundscapes Where No Man Has Ventured Before! 22
  • Interstellar Mission Full Mix 02:08 Pulsing Electronica, Sweeping Synths Buliding To Heroic Climax In A Classic Dr. Who Sci-Fi Style Vibe! 25
  • Quasar Full Mix 02:06 Cosmic Eerie Metallic Synth Chords, Dark Pulsating Synth Bass - Deep Space Adventures Of The 3rd Kind! 28
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