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  • Peace & Serenity Full Mix 02:23 Beautiful & Delicate Cinematic Neo Classical Piano & Violin Theme Evoking Sense Of Peace & Serenity 1
  • Ripples Of Tranquility Full Mix 01:51 Tender, Emotive Piano & Violin Theme In A Neo Classical Style With A Sense Of Profound Poignancy 12
  • Liquid Sunshine Full Mix 02:58 Delicate & Tender Piano 'Raindrops', Shimmering Strings & Ambient Guitar Neo Classical Theme 21
  • Ethereal Enigma Full Mix 02:15 Soft, Ambient Ostinato Piano Motif In A Neo Classical Style - Sense Of Mysterious Serenity & Suspense 30
  • Solar Odyssey Full Mix 02:20 Ethereal & Glitchy Music Box Loops, Dreamy Ambience, Serene & Spacy Neo Classical Style Theme 39
  • Childhood Dreams Full Mix 02:23 Ethereal, Innocent & Warm Contemporary Theme Featuring Glitchy Music Box Loops & Atmospheres - Evoking A Sense Of Hope 48
  • Time Fades Away Full Mix 02:01 Delicate & Darkly Mysterious Neo Classical Piano Theme With Ethereal Synth FX 58
  • Broken Skies Full Mix 02:09 Ethereal Neo Classical Theme - Glitchy Disintegrating Synths Building With Atmospheric Synth Washes 63
  • Eqanimity Full Mix 01:44 Delicate & Poignant Neo Classical Piano Theme With Profound Sense Of Melancholy & Longing 72
  • Dream Matrix Full Mix 02:21 Dark, Ghostly Vocal FX, Dreamy & Enigmatic Textures Evolving With A Spacey Edge 79
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