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  • Doom Machine Full Mix 02:04 Epic High Octane Cinematic Drums, Percussion & Electronic Rhythms - Intense & Punchy 1
  • Ambushed Full Mix 02:38 Pulsing Electronic Rhythms Segueing Into Explosive Adrenaline Fuelled Cinematic Drums 9
  • Drum Artillery Full Mix 02:13 Slamming Drums With House Style Kick Drum - Battle Drums At The Ready! 17
  • Hostile Menace Full Mix 02:08 Intense Dynamic Electronic Rhythms & Bass Drone Punctuated By High Impact Drums 25
  • Countdown To Oblivion Full Mix 02:11 Fiery Uptempo Drums - Punchy Hybrid Of Dubstep & Urgent Cinematic Percussion 33
  • Fatal Blow Full Mix 01:25 Dark Ominous Drone, Electronic Rhythm Interspersed With Slamming Cinematic Drums 41
  • Imminent Impact Full Mix 02:01 Dark Pulsing Synth, Menacing Dystopian Cinematic Drums & Overdriven Guitar FX 49
  • Enemy Detection Full Mix 02:28 Punchy Pounding Drum Slams Underpinned By Dark Synth Drone & Electronic Percussion 59
  • Search & Destroy Full Mix 02:25 High Impact Cinematic Drums Slams, Dark Ominous Drone, Underpinned By Steady Electronic Groove 66
  • Unknown Enemy Full Mix 02:06 Tense Dynamic Electronic Rhythms, Ominous Bass Drone Punctuated By High Impact Cinematic Drums 74
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