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  • Tutti Frutti Full Mix 02:13 Quirky Fun Electronica With A Playful Understated Feel 1
  • Emoticon Full Mix 02:22 Sunny Positive Housy Electronica With A Light & Playful Feel 7
  • Toybox Deluxe Full Mix 02:16 Techy Plinky Plonky Electronica For Lifestyle Activity 13
  • Morph Mode Full Mix 02:37 Playful Kids Style Electronica With A Classic Computer Game Feel 19
  • Digitty Widgitty Full Mix 02:15 Whimsical Electronica For Our New Digital Reality 25
  • Monster Math Full Mix 02:21 Relaxed Laid Back Acoustic Guitar & Electronica Hybrid With Featured Synth Voice Punctuations 31
  • Sun Fun Full Mix 02:49 Upbeat Techy Electronica, Dancey House Feel, Synth Sample Punctuated Sounds 37
  • Curious Currents Full Mix 02:55 Chilled Housey Electronica, Glitchy Synth Motifs With A Hi Tech Vibe 43
  • Blue Tranquility Full Mix 02:56 Dreamy Relaxed Electronica, Robotic Style Sampled Voice Punctuations 49
  • Shimmer Glimmer Full Mix 02:43 Chilled Electro Hip Hop Groove, Bumbling Bass, Shimmering Synths 55
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