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  • Crime & Punishment Full Mix 02:34 Urgent Cinematic Arpeggiated Strings Underpinned By Ominous 'Galley Slave' Drum Beat - Sense Of Impending Danger 1
  • Cold Blood Murderer Full Mix 02:58 Dark Mysterious Dystopian Atmosphere, Throbbing Tension Drum With Sense Of Clandestine Menace 10
  • False Testimony Full Mix 02:26 Cinematic Cellos Motif, Pulsing Bass & Drum, Building In Tension - Feeling Of Mystery & Impending Danger 17
  • Serial Killer Full Mix 02:59 Dark Menacing Atmospheric Brassy Swells Underpinned By Tension Kick Drum Heart Beat 25
  • Forensic Full Mix 02:27 Subtle Tense Insistent Monotone Synth Developing In Arrangement & Building In Urgency 32
  • Cause of Death Full Mix 02:29 Ethereal, Mysterious Synth Washes, Soft Bubbling Synth Pulses Giving Sense Of Clandestine Ambience 41
  • Evil Stalker Full Mix 02:29 Atmospheric Piano & Synths, Subtle Pulse - Feeling Of Quiet Caution & Surveillance 49
  • Missing Persons Full Mix 02:46 Subtle Minimal Ambience, Soft Synth Pulse - Sense Of Intrigue & Investigation 58
  • Human Remains Full Mix 02:39 Delicate Suspenseful Shimmering Strings & Synths - Atmosphere Of Mystery & Intrigue 66
  • Lie Detector Full Mix 02:37 Subtle Ticking Synth Pulses Developing With Staccato String Chugs & Chimes - Sense Of Tension & Intrigue 72
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