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  • Divide & Conquer Full Mix 01:24 Punchy Cinematic Rock Hybrid Action Soundtrack With Aggressive Intent 1
  • Clash Of Kingdoms Full Mix 01:37 Cinematic Hybrid Soundtrack Building In Tension Throughout With Driving Drums & Vocal Climax 10
  • The Dark Marauders Full Mix 01:44 Dark Dramatic Epic Hybrid Filmscore - Dynamic Climaxes & Lulls With Pounding Drums, Deep Brass, Pulsing Strings, Chugging Power Guitar Chords & Vocals 20
  • Insurgent Uprising Full Mix 01:23 Ominous Cinematic Tension, Pounding Drums, Pulsating Strings Building To Epic Climax 32
  • Dark Prophecy Full Mix 01:42 Hybrid Cinematic Soundtrack - Mysterious Piano, Slamming Drums, Power Rock Chords, Choir, Developing To Intense Climax 40
  • Dawn Of Destruction Full Mix 01:46 Subtle Ominous Building Cinematic Tension, Punctuated With Slamming Drums & Risers - Builds To Epic Climax 53
  • Doom Troopers Full Mix 01:38 Dynamic Threatening Hybrid Cinematic Soundtrack - Slamming Drums, Pulsating Strings & Risers Building To Cataclysmic Finale 63
  • March Of The Titans Full Mix 01:33 Dark Ominous Brass Featured Cinematic Theme - Pounding Drums, Strings, Risers Leading To Shattering Climax 74
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