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  • The Prey Full Mix 02:03 Dark Hostile Industrial Sound Design Doubling In Tempo At 59" Increasing In Intensity To Shattering Adrenaline Fuelled Climax 1
  • Mounting Menace Full Mix 01:47 Unsettling, Pulsing Electronica, Eerie Synths & Sound Design Building In Tension To Nightmarish Climax 9
  • Dark Web Full Mix 02:18 Mysterious, Nervous Atmospheric Pulsing Electronica, Ticking Clock At 1'14", Subtle Build In Tension Throughout 18
  • Eye Of The Stalker Full Mix 02:18 Unsettling Eerie Atmospheric Electronica, Glitchy Synths & Sound Design, Pulsing Heartbeat Increasing In Tension To Climax 27
  • Deadly Games Full Mix 01:44 Pulsing Bassy Sound Design, Ticking Synth Sequences, Dark Dramatic Claps, Ominous Drums Building To Climax 36
  • Malevolent Intent Full Mix 01:23 Nervous Clandestine Mood - Eerie Sound Design, Pounding Hearbeat Kick Drum, Increasing In Tension 44
  • Ticking Tension Full Mix 01:53 Big Brother Is Watching You! Bleeping Synths, Atmospheric Electronica, Pounding Insistent Kick Drum Increasing In Tension to Climax 52
  • Sleeper Cell Full Mix 01:57 Atmospheric Futuristic Synth Intro Leading To Edgy Incessant Dystopian Synths Intensifying To Climax 62
  • Shadow Stalker Full Mix 01:18 Eerie Synths Increasing In Tension Punctuated With Explosively Menacing Bass Sound Design 71
  • Extreme Duress Full Mix 02:39 Dissonant Rhythmic Synth Tension, Dark Edgy Heartbeat Kick Drum, Intensifying To Explosive Finale 80
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