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  • Dust Devil Stomp Full Mix 02:27 Grungy Garage Rock, Raw Overdriven Riffy Guitars Dripping With Attitude 1
  • Pulpadelic Full Mix 02:24 Exhilarating Sun Soaked Surf Rock - Twangy, Reverb Soaked Guitars, Urgent Driving Drums, Relentless Energy 11
  • Gnarly Snarly Harley Full Mix 02:19 Big Dirty Distortetd Guitar Riff Segueing To A More Atmospheric Late 90s Alternative Rock Vibe 21
  • Surfer Shuffle Full Mix 02:38 Twangy Spring Reverby Guitars With Attitude Evocative Of The Vintage Era Of Californian Surf Culture 33
  • Rock & Road Full Mix 02:14 Straight Ahead No Nonsense Punchy 70s Style Rifftastic Classic Rock 43
  • Grit & Greasy Full Mix 02:29 Raw Gritty Garage Rock - Big Bold Fuzzy Guitars, Catchy Theme With A Sense Of Fun 54
  • Rolling Stoned Full Mix 02:36 Gritty Early 70s British Blues Rock Featuring Slide Guitar Top Line Melody - Hint Of Country In The Breakdown At 1'10" 65
  • Dirtbag Blues Full Mix 02:48 Slow, Cool, Swaggering Blues Rock With Bundles Of Attitude - Raw Fuzzy Guitars, Strutting Bass 75
  • Down & Dirty Full Mix 02:40 Slow Burning Raunchy Blues Rock - Seductive Smouldering Lead Guitar Feature 85
  • Whiskey & Wah Wah Full Mix 02:03 Raunchy Raw Blues Rock Featuring Wah Wah Guitar With Hint Of Mystery In The Breakdown At 1'06" 95
  • Roughneck Rhapsody Full Mix 02:41 Slow, Cool, Swaggering Blues Rock - Edgy Expressive Blues Guitar Feature 106
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