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  • I Got Spice Full Mix 02:12 Toe-tapping Electro Swing To Make You Smile - House Beats, 30s Jazz Era Style Horns & Cheeky Male Vocal 1
  • Midnight Choo Choo Full Mix 02:24 Catchy Upbeat Vintage Wartime Swing Style Theme Featuring Female Harmony Vocal Group, Playful Horn Arrangements & House Beats 15
  • Beep Beep Full Mix 02:16 Comic Electro Swing Capturing The Essence Of A Retro-inspired Joyride - Features Female Vocal Group, Jazzy Horns & Car Horn FX 31
  • Don't Step On My Toes Full Mix 03:06 Fun Blend Of Classic Old School Swing Charm & Modern House Beats Featuring Male Vocal, Muted Trumpet, Lyrical Clarinet & Jazzy Horns 46
  • Flappers Delight Full Mix 02:07 Playful Electro Swing - Fusion Of Vintage Swing Vibes & Contemporary Electronic Elements, Jazzy Horns Evoking The Charm Of A Bygone Jazz Era 62
  • Jive Baby Full Mix 02:19 Foot-tapping Blend Of Electro Swing Beats & Vintage Hot Club Style Featuring Hooky Female Vocals, Jazzy Horns & Violin 73
  • Roaring Twenties Full Mix 02:12 Vibrant Hot Club Style Electro Swing Beats & Contemporary Electronic Flair - Features Clarinet, Django Style Guitar, Muted Trumpet & Jazzy Horns 90
  • Jitterbug Fever Full Mix 02:37 Irresistible Fusion Of 40s Vintage Swing & Contemporary Electronic Flair - Flappers Style Female Vocal Muted Trumpet, Horns, Clarinet & FX 103
  • Jazz Cat Capers Full Mix 02:15 Cheekily Comic Electro Swing, Roaring 30s Jazz Era Style - Hot Cub Elements, Vibrant Retro Horns, Driving House Beats & Clarinet Feature 118
  • Gangster Swing Full Mix 02:29 Light-hearted Lively Electro Swing Bordering On 20s Jazz Era Style Slapstick - Clarinet & Muted Trumpet Solos With Infectious Driving House Beats 130
  • Gatsby Gals Full Mix 02:33 Cheesy Comic Electro Swing With A Hint Of Jazzy Klezmer - Clarinet, Muted Trumpet, Jazz Guitar & Violin Melodies, Driving House Beats & FX 145
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