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  • Sandlands Full Mix 01:37 Moroccan Gnawa Rhythm Building In Intensity 42
  • Rumbafrika Full Mix 01:58 Upbeat African Vibe Meets Rumba Flamenco 39
  • Beat Bazaar Full Mix 02:10 Lively Rhythmic Moroccan Flavoured Desert Campfire Music 36
  • Swirling Turk Full Mix 03:28 Uplifting Turkish Dance Building In Intensity 33
  • Mambo Jambo Full Mix 01:29 Light Hearted Pizzicato Strings In A Latin Style 30
  • Riverbank Days Full Mix 01:57 Tender Feelgood Americana 27
  • Tabletop Hop Full Mix 01:55 Uplifting And Celebratory, Vocal And Percussion Led South African Flavoured Dance Theme 23
  • Cocktails At Six Full Mix 01:59 Light Sophisticated Salsa Groove 20
  • Harvest Noon Full Mix 02:03 Tender Warmhearted Americana 17
  • Sand Dancer Full Mix 03:30 Punchy Asian Flavoured Electronica 14
  • Happy Whistler Full Mix 01:52 Carefree Cheerful American Folk With Catchy Whistled Melody 11
  • Cape Town Celebration Full Mix 02:17 Uplifting And Celebratory Chant Led South African Flavoured Dance Theme 7
  • Desert Blues Full Mix 02:05 Jaunty Middle Eastern Flavoured Rumba Featuring Blues Harmonica 4
  • Sunshine Fields Full Mix 03:11 Carefree Positive Americana With A Celtic Flavour 1
  • Pharoah Technic Full Mix 04:13 Middle Eastern Flavoured Electronica 45
  • Firedance Full Mix 01:46 Tammurriata Rhythm From South Italy With Bass And Shamanic Voice 48
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