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  • Kangaroo Blues Full Mix 01:07 Atmospheric Fusion Of Blues Harp And Didgeridoo 61
  • Funky Mama Full Mix 03:01 Gritty Funky Blues Jam Featuring Edgy Amplified Blues Harp And Burning Guitar 56
  • Lazy Hound Full Mix 01:28 Playful Jazzy Blues Jam Featuring Blues Harp 51
  • Cadillac Cruize Full Mix 03:47 Punchy Funky Blues Featuring Edgy Blues Harp And Wailing Guitar Interplay 46
  • Big And Blue Full Mix 02:01 Jook Joint Blues With Edgy Amplified Blues Harp 41
  • Hobo Express Full Mix 03:13 Loose Laid Back Blues Harp Jam 36
  • Blues On The Porch Full Mix 01:13 Lazy Mississippi Delta Blues Vibe 27
  • Down The Road Full Mix 01:39 Groovy Blues Theme Featuring Edgy Wailing Amplified Blues Harp 21
  • Black Stripe Full Mix 02:41 Rough And Low-Down Riffing Blues Band Featuring Amplified Blues Harp 16
  • Far Far Away Full Mix 03:32 Plaintive Lonely Reflective Blues Harp Theme 11
  • BB Train Full Mix 02:59 Railroad Inspired Blues Harp Fun 6
  • Fox And Hound Full Mix 01:56 Driving Bluesy Theme Featuring Amplified Harmonica 1
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