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  • Freeway To Freedom Full Mix 03:49 Uplifting Motivational Pop Rock 46
  • Seventh Heaven Full Mix 03:46 Upbeat Motivational House Styled Dance Pop 41
  • Light Fantastica Full Mix 01:58 Uplifting French House Style Dance Pop 36
  • Get Happy Full Mix 02:30 Sunny Upbeat Acoustic Pop Meets Folk With Catchy Vocal Hook 31
  • Electrodrilla Full Mix 02:17 Dynamic Electro Dance Pop 26
  • Electromova Full Mix 02:24 Driving House Styled Dance Anthem 21
  • Energiza Full Mix 02:48 Punchy French Style House Anthem 16
  • Amaze And Shine Full Mix 01:51 Happy Acoustic Pop Meets Folk With Strong Vocal Hook 11
  • Rock The Beat Full Mix 02:06 Punchy Hard Edged House With A Dubstep Influence 6
  • Hiya Full Mix 03:44 Hooky Uplifting Dance Pop In A French House Style 1
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