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  • Those Big Brown Eyes Full Mix 02:41 Swingle Singers Inspired Cheesy Kitsch 1
  • Jolly Good News Full Mix 02:30 Upbeat Pathe News Or Vintage British Carry On Inspired Comedy Theme 5
  • Jack The Lad Full Mix 02:35 Easy Listening Comical Theme With Tap Dance 9
  • Cool Banana Full Mix 02:41 Cheesy Vintage British Carry On Inspired Theme 13
  • A Gentle Breeze Full Mix 02:29 Swingle Singers Inspired Easy Listening 17
  • Right Here, Right Now Full Mix 02:28 Cheesy James Last Inspired Vintage Theme 21
  • How About That Full Mix 02:09 Upbeat Glenn Miller Vintage British Carry On Inspired Swing 25
  • Sights Of London Full Mix 02:41 Vintage British Carry On Comedy Theme London Bridge Is Falling Down 29
  • Mystery Woman Full Mix 02:57 Vintage Smaltz Easy Listening 33
  • Emerald Green Full Mix 03:41 Vintage Irish Romantic Theme 37
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