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  • Brain Strain Full Mix 02:23 Industrial Sounding Heavy Hip Hop Chaos Groove 1
  • Nutz Full Mix 02:42 Trip Hop Mania With Quirky Mix Of Sounds 6
  • Beat My Mouth Full Mix 02:14 Fun Funky Human Beatbox 11
  • Arriba Arriba Full Mix 02:55 Fun Eclectic Mix Of Flamenco And Drum And Bass 17
  • Eclectica Full Mix 03:21 Urgent Groove With Eclectic Disjointed Sounds 24
  • Keyed Up Full Mix 01:33 Weird Hip Hop Groove 29
  • Fajita Beata Full Mix 03:02 Funky Eclectic Groove 34
  • Psychotronic Full Mix 02:48 Dark Menacing Drum And Bass Meets Film Noir 40
  • Dementia Full Mix 02:14 Menacing Jarring Machine Like Industrial Groove 45
  • Bug Full Mix 01:18 Quirky Zany Weird Contemporary Cartoon Spy Electronica 50
  • Spuriosa Full Mix 02:32 Weird Electronic Soundscape 55
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