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  • Get Brassed Full Mix 01:50 Satirical Take On The 70s TV Secret Agent Genre 1
  • Sleuth Spoof Full Mix 02:16 Tongue In Cheek Tribute To 70s American Cop Film Soundtracks. Make My Day Punk! 6
  • Swinging Detective Full Mix 02:00 Playful Electro Swing In A Comic Film Noir Style With A Nod To The 40s Swing Era 11
  • Surrealistica Full Mix 02:04 Dreamlike Theme With Large Dose Of Eccentricity 16
  • Spooky Wooky Full Mix 02:26 Playful Off The Wall Electro Swing With A Spooky Edge 21
  • Weird And Wonderful Full Mix 02:01 Quirky Tongue In Cheek Theme With Spooky Edge 26
  • Hooky Kooky Full Mix 01:43 Wacky And Witty Theme 31
  • Saddle Sore Outlaw Full Mix 01:56 Madcap, Trigger Happy Shotgun Craziness 36
  • The Oddball Full Mix 01:45 Darkly Madcap Theme Featuring Playful Mix Of Strings, Beats & Sounds 41
  • Oompa Woompa Full Mix 02:04 Oompa Band Beats With A Quirky Twist 46
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