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  • Toxic Logic Full Mix 01:51 Edgy Stomping Beats, Growling Bass & Synthy Blips 51
  • Dubinator Full Mix 02:29 Tense Pounding Edgy Dubstep With Dramatic Filmic Flavour 46
  • Rocktronic Full Mix 02:27 Dark Tough US Style Brostep With Dangerous Rock Guitar Riffing 41
  • Locobozo Full Mix 02:18 Punchy Beats, Manic Synths, 80s Vibe 36
  • Jump Cutter Full Mix 01:50 Pounding Edgy Bass & Beats With Razor Sharp Synths 31
  • Flipped Out Full Mix 01:44 Spacey Synth Hook, Shuddering Bass Drops, Dark Heavy Beats 26
  • Dubnuts Full Mix 01:43 Brutal Gritty Bass, Nasty Synth, Dub Style Groove 21
  • Buzz Full Mix 01:41 Dirty Bass, Punchy Stomping Beats & Synth Stabs 16
  • Sonic Bionic Full Mix 02:00 Slamming House Beats, Growling Bass & Synth Mayhem 11
  • Deranger Full Mix 01:43 Thundering Heavy Bass, Colossal Beats With Explosive Synth Madness 6
  • Transdubber Full Mix 02:00 Pounding House Influenced Dubstep With Punchy Bass & Quirky Synth Lines 1
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