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  • Mutator Full Mix 01:59 Driving Edgy Beats, Spooky Synth Hook, Full Fat Snarling Bass 53
  • Gigatron Full Mix 02:18 Explosive Frenetic Edgy Beats, Growling Bass, Dangerous Adrenaline Fuelled Urgency 48
  • Wipe Out Full Mix 01:52 Atmospheric Cinematic Intro Building To Explosive Beats & Urgent Synths 42
  • Headcase Full Mix 02:31 Edgy Frenetic Driving Break Beats, Throbbing Sub Bass 37
  • Zoop Full Mix 01:56 Relentless Full Throttle Beats, Growling Dubstep Style Bass 32
  • Jugger Bumper Full Mix 01:48 Tough Slamming Break Beats & Synths, Pulsating Sub Bass, Sense Of Dangerous Urgency 27
  • G Force Full Mix 01:49 Blazing Adrenalised Drum & Bass Break Beats, Crazy Razor Sharp Dubstep Synths 22
  • Cardiac Attaka Full Mix 02:19 Edgy Adrenalised Break Beats, Hooky Synth, Urgent Vibe 17
  • To The Max Full Mix 01:55 Atmospheric Cinematic Vocal Building To Full Throttle Drum & Bass & Dubstep Style Assault 11
  • Supatron Full Mix 02:40 Explosive Drum & Bass, Anthemic Rave Synths, Growling Dubstep Style Bass 6
  • Sonic Tronic Full Mix 02:39 High Octane Beats, Hooky Synth, Dive Bombing Dubstep Style Mayhem 1
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