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  • Connection Full Mix 02:06 Uplifting Epic Cinematic Synth Hooks, Growling Bass, Slamming Beats 46
  • Code X Full Mix 02:21 Mega Synth Hooks, Explosive Electro Beats, Dubstep Divebombing Synth Madness 41
  • Dub Slam Full Mix 02:17 Big Synths, Bass Wobbles, Punchy Electro Beats, Trumpet Hook 36
  • Humanoid Full Mix 02:08 Throbbing Wobbling Bass Hooks & Phat Punchy Beats 31
  • Sky Driver Full Mix 02:13 Slamming Electro Dance, Explosive Synth Hook, Glitchy Dubstep Synths 26
  • Cosmix Full Mix 02:38 Commercial Uplifting Triumphant Dubstep, Epic Ambient Synth, 80s Vibe 21
  • Euronic Full Mix 02:23 Driving Anthemic Dubstep, Strong Piano Hook & Euro House Influence 6
  • Top Dog Full Mix 02:36 Punchy Commercial Dubstep, Strong Hooky Razor Synths 11
  • Robo Warz Full Mix 01:59 Tough Commercial Dubstep, Phat Pop Synth Hook 16
  • Sun Rayz Full Mix 03:16 Uplifting, Motivational Dubstep Meets Pop, Big Catchy Synth Hook 1
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