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  • A Sweet Life Full Mix 02:08 Laid Back, Carefree Theme Featuring Ukulele & Whistled Melody 1
  • A Whistle While You Work Full Mix 02:21 Catchy Laid Back Heart Warming Whistled Theme Featuring Ukulele 3
  • Away We Go Full Mix 02:01 Bright, Upbeat Whistling & Banjo Featured Theme 5
  • A Tooty Flutey Full Mix 02:14 Jolly, Upbeat Recorder Led Theme 7
  • Ah Wooh Full Mix 02:12 Cheery Feel Good Vocal Led Tune With Whistled Hook 9
  • A Ride On My Bike Full Mix 02:36 Bright, Cheerful Upbeat Theme With Summery Feel 11
  • 1 Sunny Afternoon Full Mix 02:17 Uplifting Jangly Acoustic Theme 13
  • A Happy Tune Full Mix 02:17 Gentle, Carefree Catchy Whistled Theme Featuring Recorder 15
  • A Grand Day Out Full Mix 01:40 Jaunty, Jubilant Acoustic Theme. It's Party Time Round The Campfire! 17
  • Alazamboozle Full Mix 01:32 Upbeat, Happy Clappy Glockenspiel Featured Theme For Kids 19
  • Afternoon Delight Full Mix 02:12 Jaunty Happy Clappy Recorder Featured Theme 21
  • A Time To Toddle Full Mix 02:46 Sweet & Mellow Acoustic Theme In Waltz Time Featuring Glockenspiel 23
  • 1 Fine Day Full Mix 02:17 Catchy Upbeat & Uplifting Violin Featured Theme 25
  • A Fine Old Time Full Mix 01:31 Breezy, Laid Back Acoustic Guitar Led Theme 27
  • All Aboard Full Mix 02:00 Jolly, Easy Going Theme With Hooky Violin & Mandolin Melody 29
  • Alphabet Soup Full Mix 02:01 Sweet & Fun Mandolin Led Children's Theme 31
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