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  • As Good As It Gets Full Mix 01:38 Punchy, Joyful Dynamically Charged Ultra Catchy Indie Rock Pop 1
  • All The Glory Full Mix 02:13 Euphoric, Triumphant Indie Rock Pop Buliding In Intensity Throughout 6
  • A Time To Live Full Mix 02:29 Powerful Exultant Indie Rock Pop Anthem, Triumphant Chorus 11
  • All High And Mighty Full Mix 02:06 Punchy, Driving, Uplifting US Style Indie Rock Pop 16
  • A Bigger Splash Full Mix 01:44 Powerful Uplifting Blissful Indie Rock Pop Anthem, Funky Beats, Synth Hook & Edgy Guitar 21
  • Against The Odds Full Mix 02:49 Euphoric Indie Rock Pop Anthem, Uplifting Piano, Power Guitar 26
  • Amongst Friends Full Mix 02:06 Happy, Sunny, Upbeat Jangly Indie Rock Pop Vibe 31
  • Above And Beyond Full Mix 02:32 Punchy Uplifting Indie Rock Pop Anthem Building To Strong Melodic Climax 38
  • Ace Full Mix 02:12 Hooky Riff Led Indie Rock Pop With Dynamic Upbeat Feel 43
  • All To Give Full Mix 02:10 Slow Burning Indie Rock Pop Building To Intense Epic Climax 48
  • 21st Century Heroes Full Mix 01:51 Triumphant Lighter Waving Anthem, Majestic Layered Guitars & Strings Building To Epic Double Time Finish 54
  • Road Trip Full Mix 02:17 Jubilant, Effervescent Indie Pop Rocker With Strong Hook 60
  • Another Summer Full Mix 02:24 Sunny Carefree Upbeat Indie Rock Pop 65
  • End Of The Night Full Mix 03:01 Happy, Summery, Upbeat Jangly Indie Rock Pop Vibe 70
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