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  • Robodub Full Mix 01:48 Menacing Throbbing Bass, Edgy Electro Beats & Synths 1
  • Razor Laser Full Mix 01:48 Tough Edgy Bass Riff, Urgent Glitchy Synths, Punchy Fat Beats 6
  • Metal Man Full Mix 01:35 Sinister Blippy Synth Hook, Tough Heavy Electro Beats 11
  • Widgit Full Mix 01:56 Forceful Phat Bass Riff, Blippy Synth Hooks, Electro Beats 16
  • Meltdown Full Mix 02:22 Dark Edgy Theme, Hooky Synth & Piano, Synth Dive Bombs 21
  • Swagger Full Mix 01:57 Gritty Bass & Heart Rate Monitor Synth Pulse, Atmospheric Synth Chords 26
  • Screwbot Full Mix 01:36 Thumping Electro Beats, Razor Sharp Glitchy Synth Mayhem 31
  • Hammerhead Full Mix 02:06 Dark Unsettling Throbbing Bass & Slow Punchy Electro Beats 36
  • Dubmania Full Mix 02:10 Robotic Tense Electronica, Blippy Synth Alert 41
  • Droid Void Full Mix 01:49 Dark Throbbing Sub Bass, Slow Mechanical Electro Beats, Blippy Synth 46
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