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  • Long Gone Full Mix 02:45 Dark sad minimalistic theme conveying hopelessness. 17
  • Emptiness Full Mix 03:07 Light piano led theme that with a sense of time passing that… 19
  • Fear Of The Dark Full Mix 02:34 Dark, melancholic piano led theme, with ambient synth pad. 15
  • Mysterious Night Full Mix 02:54 Gentle and dark piano led theme. 13
  • Sorrow Full Mix 02:12 Dark mellow sad theme, featuring ambient melancholic piano 11
  • Darkness Full Mix 02:23 Haunting dark score 9
  • Documentary Moment Full Mix 02:26 Documentary style, light suspense, dark and myterious 7
  • Lonely World Full Mix 02:47 Moving emotional warm and beautiful melody 5
  • Drama & Sorrow Full Mix 02:38 Haunting dark score for documentary and sad images. 3
  • Sadness Full Mix 02:28 Sad and mellow melody, piano and cello 1
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