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  • A Howl At The Moon Full Mix 01:36 Quirky 60s Brass Led Spooky Theme 1
  • 60s Wild Ghost Chase Full Mix 02:04 60s Flavoured Tongue In Cheek Ghostly Antics 4
  • Acting Spooky Full Mix 02:26 Playful Spooky Off The Wall Electro Swing 7
  • A Ghoul School Full Mix 01:51 The Undead Rise Again With A Spooky Theremin Theme 10
  • A Spooky Fairground Full Mix 01:45 Ghostly Barrel Organ Fairground Waltz Theme 13
  • Adventures Of Doctor Frankenstein Full Mix 01:22 A Monster In The Making, Quirky And Weird Cartoon Theme 16
  • A Trick Or Treat Full Mix 01:38 Light Hearted Darkly Quirky Halloween Prankster Theme 19
  • All Aboard The Ghost Train Full Mix 01:16 Wacky Fairground Ghost Train House Of Horror Theme 22
  • A Little Shock Of Horror Full Mix 02:00 Quirky Spooky Tongue In Cheek Theme 25
  • A Cousin Called Itt Full Mix 01:43 Wacky And Witty Ghostly Theme 28
  • A Fangtastic Night Full Mix 01:45 Darkly Ghostly Madcap Theme Featuring Playful Mix Of Strings, Beats & Sounds 31
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