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  • Need For Speed Full Mix 01:30 High Tempo Synth Led Jungle Theme Featuring Electric Guitars… 10
  • In The Arena Full Mix 01:39 Epic Heavy Rock With Powerful Guitar Riff And Synth 13
  • Pure Energy Full Mix 01:19 Energetic Electric Guitar Riff Led Rock With Banging Drums A… 16
  • The Slider Full Mix 01:19 High Energy Up Beat Guitar Riff Led And Electronica Based Ro… 19
  • Killing It Full Mix 01:12 Cool Rock Tune Featuring Electric Guitar And Synths Great Fo… 22
  • Hit and Run Full Mix 01:20 Upbeat Driving Energetic Bass And Electric Guitar Based Them… 25
  • Electric Storm Full Mix 01:36 Electric Guitar Riff Led Heavy Rock Theme For Sport Action A… 28
  • At The Games Full Mix 01:33 High Energy Up Beat Guitar Riff And Electronic Based Theme F… 1
  • Ruff Edge Full Mix 01:42 Synth And Guitar Riff Rock Groove, Sport Action And Drama 4
  • Brick Wall Full Mix 01:19 Driving Guitar Riff Heavy Rock With Synth For Sport Action A… 7
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