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  • Rainbow Full Mix 01:39 Infectious Straight-up Pop 1
  • No One Can Stop Me Full Mix 01:51 Slow Build Into Spiky Up-tempo Poptacular 3
  • Welcome Full Mix 01:50 Irresistable Catchy Electro Whistling Melody 5
  • Let It Be Me Full Mix 02:00 Unforgettable Dancey Pop 7
  • Fiesta Full Mix 02:02 Slow Burn Reggaeton Pop 9
  • Shine On Full Mix 01:51 Chillout With This Fresh Relaxed Pop Groove 11
  • What Are You Going To Do Full Mix 01:26 Scorching Hot Urban Pop 13
  • Tropical Sunrise Full Mix 01:33 Laze In The Sun And Dream Of A Tropical Island 15
  • Wild Club Full Mix 01:46 Slow Burner Ripping Up The Dance Floor 17
  • Clockwork Full Mix 02:21 Super Catchy Urban Dance Pop 19
  • Wide Awake Full Mix 02:16 Laid-back Groove With Earworm Melody 21
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