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  • A Victim Of Crime Full Mix 02:22 Haunting Piano Melody, Ominous Synth, Processed Vocals, Angular Electro Beats 1
  • Accusations Full Mix 02:22 Mysterious Ambient Synths & Jagged Sampled Percussion FX 3
  • Abuse Full Mix 02:24 Slow Dark Unsettling Futuristic Liquid Soundscapes Featuring Synths & Processed Piano Creating A Sense Of Otherwordliness 5
  • Alibi Full Mix 01:58 Subtle Pulsey Piano, Dark Unsettling Synth, Electronic Percussion 7
  • A Dark Obsession Full Mix 02:03 Ambient Spacey Synth Lines, Strings & Subtle Electronic Percussion With FX 9
  • Accused Full Mix 02:48 Mournful Piano Theme, Dark Synths, Abrasive Electro Drums Building In Intensity 11
  • Analysis Full Mix 01:33 Pulsey Synth Marimba, Subtle Synth Tension, Ambient Effects, Retro Future Beats 13
  • Advancing Threat Full Mix 02:23 Enigmatic Electronic Soundscape Blending Synths & Electronic Percussion 15
  • A Cryptic Code Full Mix 02:45 Pulsing Electro Soundscape Featuring Ethereal Synths, Electro Drums & Analog Synth Bass Lines 17
  • Accomplice Full Mix 02:31 Dark Heavy Mysterious Synth Ambiences, Big Electro Percussion 19
  • Assault And Battery Full Mix 02:30 Ethereal Ambient Synthscapes, Pounding Synth Bass, Electronic Percussion & Sound FX 21
  • An Eye In The Sky Full Mix 02:16 Fusion Of Synth Helicopter, Analog Synth Melodies, Electronic Drums In This Futuristic Track 23
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