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  • A Question of Time Full Mix 01:52 Dark Forboding Rhythmic Tension Electronica & Synth Textures 16
  • 1 Wrong Move Full Mix 02:02 Brooding Strings Intro Segueing At 51" Into Mysterious Guitar Theme & Electronic Percusion Crescendo Finaly 13
  • Apprehensia Full Mix 01:45 Dark Mysterious Tension Bed Hybrid Of Synth Textures, Pulsing Strings & Electronica 10
  • A Critical Countdown Full Mix 01:51 Tense Subtle Pulsing Synths Evoking Sense Of Suspense & Time Running Out - Beats At 1'24" 7
  • A Mission Impossible Full Mix 02:09 Dark Urgent Rhythmic Bass Synth, Electronica & Beats 4
  • 64K Question Full Mix 02:03 Subtle Bubbling Suspense Filled Hybrid Of Voices, Strings & Electronica 1
  • Agit8 Full Mix 01:58 Helicopter Synth FX Morphing Into Tense Pulsing Electronica & Beats Building In Tension 19
  • A War Of Nerves Full Mix 01:55 Unsettling Growling Synth Textures, Pulsing Electronica Bed Building In Tension 22
  • A Factor Of Fear Full Mix 02:03 Subtle Pulsing Bass & Grungy Electronica, Ethereal Synth Bed 25
  • A Critical Decision Full Mix 01:53 Sinister Pulsing Electronica & Synth Textures Building In Tension Throughout 28
  • Anxious Times Full Mix 02:06 Rhythmic Analogue Synth Bass & Subtle Synth Textured Tension Bed 31
  • Are You Sure Full Mix 01:47 Dark Unsettling Futuristic Industrial Textures, Filmic Strings & Pulsey Synth Tension Bed 34
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