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  • August Country Outing Full Mix 01:26 Jolly, Carefree & Feelgood Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin Featured Theme In a Modern Folk Style 1
  • Apple Blossom Bliss Full Mix 01:15 Gentle Relaxed Upbeat Modern Folk Featuring Acoustic Guitar & Marimba 4
  • A Riverbank Tale Full Mix 01:38 Jaunty Upbeat Finger Picking Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin Modern Folk Styled Theme Full Of Summer Sunshine 7
  • An English Country Rose Full Mix 01:40 Gentle Intimate & Warm Acoustic Guitar Theme With Soft String & Brushes Accompaniment 13
  • A Happy Harvester Full Mix 01:21 Relaxed Carefree & Sunny Acoustic Modern Folk Theme Featuring Guitar & Mandolin 19
  • A Day On The Canal Full Mix 01:45 Sunny Upbeat Modern Folk Featuring Country Style Acoustic Guitar Riffs & Bubbling Marimba 22
  • Amble In The Brambles Full Mix 01:37 Rippling Acoustic Guitar & Flowing Mandolin Melody In A Modern Folk Style Accompanied By A Relaxed & Easy Going Groove 25
  • A Lazy Summer Afternoon Full Mix 01:44 Soft & Warm Modern Folk Style Acoustic Ballad Featuring Guitar & Marimba Evoking Feelings Of Fond Memories 28
  • A Midsummer Merriment Full Mix 01:26 Cheerfully Festive & Upbeat Modern Folk Style Acoustic Guitar Theme With Tapped Rhythm - Evoking The Atmosphere Of A Traditional English Village Fete 31
  • Artful Gardener Full Mix 01:41 Mellow Summer Acoustic Vibes Featuring Finger Style Guitar & Soft Bubbly Marimba In A Modern Folk Style 34
  • Ambling & Rambling Full Mix 01:17 Relaxed Carefree Acoustic Summer Afternoon Vibes Featuring Gentle Acoustic Guitar & Soft Mandolin In A Modern Folk Style 37
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