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  • A Puzzling Position Full Mix 02:05 Light Comic Pizzicato Strings With A Subtle Sense Of Anxiety Depicting A Difficult Unresolved Situation 46
  • Another Tea Vicar? Full Mix 02:06 Quaintly Humorous Dramedy Theme In A Genteel Classical Style Featuring Pizzicato Strings & Xylophone Imagining Summer Afternoon Tea On The Lawn 41
  • A Terribly Awkward Moment Full Mix 01:59 Pizzcato Strings, Acoustic Guitar & Clarinet Played In A Light Dramedy Style Characterising An Embarrassing Situation Both Comical & Agonizingly Awkward 36
  • Artful Dodger Full Mix 02:10 Comically Surrepticious & Cunning Pizzicato Strings Featured Dramedy Style Theme With a Sense Of The Burglar Tip Toeing In The Shadows 31
  • Art Of Farce Full Mix 02:04 Lighthearted Whimsically Dandy Piizzicato Strings & Flute Dramedy Theme In A Quaintly Genteel Classical Style 26
  • A Comedy Of Errors Full Mix 02:04 Plinky Plonky Pizzicato Strings & Xylophone Featured Dramedy Theme - Carefree Light, Happy & Playful. 21
  • 2 Left Feet Full Mix 02:25 Carefree, Comical Dramedy Theme - Whimsical & Playful Featuring Pizzicato Strings, Flute & Bassoon 16
  • A Jolly Jape Full Mix 02:29 Comical & Mischievous Pizzicato String Dramedy Theme With A Surrepticious & Sneaky Sense Of Mood 11
  • A Playful Plucker Full Mix 01:58 A Light Comic Positive Dramedy Piece Featuring Pizzicato Plucks & Cheeky Xylophone & Glockenspiel Depicting A Busy Activity Scene 6
  • Awfully Posh Full Mix 02:15 A Jazzy, Cool & Laid Back Whimsical Theme Featuring Minimal Pizzicato Strings & Clarinet With A Sense Of Comic Haughtiness 1
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