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  • A Festive Funtime Full Mix 01:57 Happy Cheerful Christmassy Recorder Featured Theme 9
  • A Whistling Santa Full Mix 02:20 Cheerful Fun & Hooky Whistled Christmas Theme With Mandolin & Ukelele 11
  • A Happy Chap At Christmas Full Mix 03:30 Punchy Feelgood Christmas Pop Rock With Strong Whistled Hook 13
  • A Happy Christmas Tune Full Mix 02:17 Gentle, Carefree Catchy Christmassy Simple Whistled Theme Featuring Recorder 15
  • A Festive Fizz Full Mix 02:21 Upbeat Fun & Quirky Christmassy Dance Theme Featuring Squiggy Synths 17
  • An Utterly Plucking Christmas Full Mix 01:51 Zany Chrismassy Activity Theme Featuring Heavy Dose Of Pizzicato Strings 19
  • A Christmas Toytime Full Mix 02:02 Sprightly Light Hearted Tip Toeing Piano Based Christmas Theme 21
  • 100 Santa Helpers Full Mix 02:00 Sweet & Fun Mandolin Led Christmassy Children's Theme 23
  • An Instant Christmas Masher Full Mix 02:03 Quirky Upbeat Fun & Groovy Christmassy Dance Theme 1
  • A Kid Kool Kristmas Full Mix 02:29 Upbeat Fun & Funky Christmas Groover With Jolly Synth Whistle Melody 3
  • A Bright & Breezy Christmas Full Mix 02:20 Light Upbeat Cheerful Carefree Christmassy Groove. Drums at 27" 5
  • A Stumbling Santa Full Mix 01:04 Slapstick Christmas Toddler Playtime Theme 7
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