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  • One Inch Punch Full Mix 02:20 Furious Surf Action Rock With Pounding Drums And Synths. 1
  • Roussian Roulette Full Mix 02:23 Vodka Influenced Surf Guitar Theme With A Bit Of Ska Feel Fe… 2
  • Cowboy And Samurai Full Mix 02:27 50s Guitar Band Like Fast-paced Surf Pop With Catchy Melody. 3
  • Hattori Hanzo Full Mix 02:52 Guitar Driven 50s Rock And Roll Clich√ɬ© With Shouts And Sw… 4
  • Black Mamba Mambo Full Mix 02:14 Scary, Dark Surf Guitar Theme With Rocking Drums Featuring T… 5
  • Quirky Chase Full Mix 02:06 Funny One Chord Rockabilly With Re-building Arrangement That… 6
  • Tango Of The Missing Bride Full Mix 02:15 Dark, Sad 50s Like Guitar Theme With Busy Breakdowns And Hea… 7
  • Twist Contest Full Mix 02:06 Classic Twist Rhythm With Jangly Guitar Theme And Whoo-hoo B… 8
  • Exploding Heart Full Mix 01:54 Determined Surf Rock Ska Hybrid With A Dark Dangerous Edge F… 9
  • Agent Danger Full Mix 01:55 Classic Spy Guitar Theme With Rocking Drums Ready To Action. 10
  • Surfin Samurai Full Mix 02:25 Retro Surf Rock With Modern Attitude Featuring Cheesy Organ… 11
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