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  • Gold Running Full Mix 02:45 High-energy Drum And Bass With Hooky Synth Motif And Slap Ba… 1
  • We Fight And Win Full Mix 01:16 Driving Drums With Heroic Brass And Epic Choir 2
  • Dontgiveup Full Mix 03:04 Light Drum And Bass Groove With Wobbling Bass Featuring Male… 3
  • Final Fight Full Mix 01:56 Hooky, Boxing Type Guitar Riff With Pounding Drums 4
  • Brazilectra Full Mix 02:41 High-energy Euro Dance With Hooky Lead Synth , Catchy Melodi… 5
  • On The Starting Line Full Mix 01:00 Pre-race Tension With Cinematic Percussion, Acoustic Slide G… 6
  • Lost Games Full Mix 02:37 Sad, Somber, Slow Electronic Tune With Poignant Synth Theme 7
  • It's Time To Decide Full Mix 01:23 Tense, Dramatic Cinematic Soundscape With Pulsing Synths, Pe… 8
  • Leading The Race Full Mix 02:28 Powerful, Riff-laden, Building Rock Bed 9
  • Dubstep Anthem Full Mix 03:10 Inspiring, Triumphant Dubstep Anthem For The Winners 10
  • Results Full Mix 03:32 Loopable Background Music For Information Elements With Tim… 11
  • New Results Full Mix 02:24 Loopable, Background Music For Information Elements With Mar… 12
  • Celebrate The Champions Full Mix 02:02 Triumphant Classic Rock With Lead Guitar Melody 13
  • Winners Fiesta Full Mix 02:07 Euphoric, Hands-in-the-air Dance Anthem 14
  • The Winners Full Mix 01:04 Uplifting Piano Chords With Solo Cello And Arpeggiated Synth 15
  • Missing Glory Full Mix 02:33 Quirky, Funny Brass Band With Dubstep Groove 16
  • Almost Famous Full Mix 01:26 Comedy Like, Quirky Lead Melody With Electronic Drums And Cr… 17
  • On The Podium Full Mix 01:00 Reflective Piano Builds With Strings And Orchestral Percussi… 18
  • The Road To The Victory Full Mix 02:05 Tense But Determined Percussive Pulse With Horns And Strings 19
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