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  • White Headscarf Full Mix 03:01 Determined, Drammatic Contemporary Beats With Hypnotic Synth… 1
  • Two Pigeons Full Mix 03:38 Dark, Mysterious Atmosphere With Down-tempo Groove And M'bir… 2
  • Play In The Village Full Mix 02:48 Positive, Uplifting, Playful Song With Laidback Groove And A… 3
  • Soldier Of War Full Mix 01:56 Ominous War Song With Dark Synth Pad, Disorted Guitars And C… 4
  • The Orchard Full Mix 04:07 Warm, Uplifting Down-tempo House With Driving Eastern Percus… 5
  • Rise Of Day Full Mix 03:53 Thoughtful, Emotional Chill-out Song With Down-tempo Beats,… 6
  • Shaman Full Mix 03:19 Dark, Mysterious Pagan Prayer On Contemporary Trap Groove Wi… 7
  • River Full Mix 03:53 Calm, Peaceful, Tranquil And Smoothing Chill-out Tune, With… 8
  • Red Horse Full Mix 03:28 Sad, Dark, Dramatic War Song With Disorted Guitars And Cinem… 9
  • Tiny Nightingale Full Mix 01:53 Beautifully Uplifitng, Gentle Folk Song With Laid-back Groov… 10
  • Volga Dancer Full Mix 02:42 Psychedelic, With Fast Trance Beats, Hooky Synth Riff, EDM L… 11
  • Wedding Bouquet Full Mix 03:41 Hopeful, Warm, Bright Wedding Song With Synth Arpeggio, 80s… 12
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