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  • Cocktail At Sunset Full Mix 02:46 Laid-back Tropical House Gem With Sampled Vocal Drop, Pop Ch… 1
  • Without You Full Mix 03:49 Bright, Catchy, Fresh Tropical Pop With Female Vocal, Sample… 2
  • Bottom Of My Soul Full Mix 03:55 Soulful Male Vocals On Chilled, Laid Back Beats With Pulsati… 3
  • Come Into My Dreams Full Mix 03:38 Chilled Pumping House Track With A Tropical Feel Featuring M… 4
  • Coconut Beach Full Mix 02:16 Sun-kissed Tropical House Featuring The Obligatory Hooky Dig… 5
  • Heaven Is Here Full Mix 04:30 Sensual Male Lead Vocals With Laid-back Tropical Beats, Acou… 6
  • I Feel The Love Full Mix 03:17 Relaxed, Epic Tropical Club Track Featuring Female Vocals Wi… 7
  • Come Fly With Me Full Mix 04:41 Muted EDM Synth Chords With Relaxed Deep House Beats And Aco… 8
  • Turn The World Around Full Mix 03:46 Chilled Beats With Tropical Feel And Pulsating Pads Featurin… 9
  • Happy Crabs Full Mix 02:07 Happy Funny Island Beats With Acoustic Guitar Featuring Quir… 10
  • Open Your Mind Full Mix 03:13 Laid-back, Feel-good House Track With A Tropical Feel Rich W… 11
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