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  • When Everything Changes Full Mix 03:58 Electric-guitar-led Epic Indie-rock Love Song With Emotional… 1
  • By Your Side Full Mix 03:56 Positive, Feel-good Pop Reggae With Optimistic Male Vocals 2
  • Little Secret Full Mix 02:16 Folky, Quirky Acoustic Indie-pop Song Featuring Playful Male… 3
  • Keep My Heart Beating Full Mix 03:39 Smooth 80s Soul Track With Sentimental Female Vocals And Fun… 4
  • If I Could Full Mix 04:03 Big Stadium Power-rock Ballad With Epic Female Vocals, Crunc… 5
  • Ne Sirj Full Mix 03:36 Catchy Emotional Bossa-nova With Lush Orchestra, Muted Trump… 6
  • Wind Me Up Full Mix 03:47 Grooving 80s Influenced New-wave Rock With Determined Male V… 7
  • The Runner Full Mix 02:23 Raw, Uplifting, Driving Indie Rock With Pounding Live Drums,… 8
  • Truly Full Mix 04:40 80 Influenced Steady Laid-back Beat With Grooving Funky Guit… 9
  • Good Old Fashioned Love Full Mix 04:02 Reflective Acoustic Ballad With Evocative Male Vocals And Ho… 10
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