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  • Upstream Full Mix 02:30 Positive Electro Pop 58
  • Everything Is Better With You Full Mix 02:36 Reggae Infused Positive Pop 52
  • Back To You Full Mix 03:29 Heart-warming Folk Ballad 46
  • New Start Full Mix 03:07 A Catchy Track About Picking Your Self Up And Moving On 39
  • Best For Me Full Mix 03:00 A Positive Hopeful Song 33
  • Little Bit Of Love Full Mix 02:30 Giving It Your All And Pull Out All The Stops For This 110 P… 28
  • I Come Alive Full Mix 02:46 The Possibilities Are Endless To Use This Catchy Vocal Track… 21
  • Make The Most Of Today Full Mix 02:16 Smile And Make The Most Of Today With This Catchy Tune Ideal… 16
  • Good To Be Alive Full Mix 02:15 Wake Up And Bounce Out Of Bed With This Happy Lively Vocal T… 10
  • Everybody Have A Good Time Full Mix 02:43 Bright Bubbly Vocal Track With Lyrics Perfect For Advertisin… 1
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