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  • Guru Full Mix 02:19 Dynamic Slow Moody Swampy Gothic Rock 47
  • I'M On Fire Full Mix 02:28 Raw Boned Pub Rocker About Lust And Desire 43
  • Murder In The Air Full Mix 02:32 Dark Brooding Heavy Blues Rocker Of Approaching Danger 39
  • Crying Shame Full Mix 03:10 Aggressive Heavy Rock With Attitude 35
  • Bended Knees Full Mix 01:40 Insistent Blues Rock With A Rebellious Defiant Viewpoint 32
  • Out Of The Darkness Full Mix 03:16 A Dark Rock Of A Man Beyond Redemption 28
  • Storm Come Ashore Full Mix 03:48 Interesting Tale Of Damnation And Impending Doom 25
  • Digging Your Grave Full Mix 02:21 Dirty Swamp Garage Rock Track With Lyrics About A Terrible F… 21
  • Chain Gang Blues Full Mix 02:57 Post Rock, Gothic Rock With A Delta Blues Influence 18
  • Walk Away Full Mix 03:20 Slow Broody Track With A Dark Threatening Tone 15
  • No Cigar Full Mix 03:06 Swampy Blues About Gambling Everything On A Dream 11
  • Killer On The Run Full Mix 02:52 Heavy Blues Rock With Dark Lyrics 7
  • Shots Fired Full Mix 03:45 Powerful Anthemic Track About Inner Conflict 4
  • Anyway You Want It Full Mix 03:19 Sultry Moody Male Song 1
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