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  • Dark Idol Full Mix 01:49 Hybrid Tension Intro Introduces Piano Into Building Strings… 48
  • Proelium Full Mix 02:07 Tension Building Strings Theme Develops Into A Climactic Vic… 41
  • Cataclysm Full Mix 02:09 Massive Hybrid Hits Introduce Piano Evolving Into Big Orches… 35
  • Showtime Full Mix 01:28 Big Orchestral Hits Intro Evolves Into A Driving String Arra… 28
  • Revelation Full Mix 02:04 Hybrid Piano Synth Intro Evolves Into A Driving String Arran… 21
  • The Last Matador Full Mix 01:33 Grandiose Orchestral Intro Leads Into Latin Percussion, Synt… 15
  • United We Stand Full Mix 02:05 Inspirational String Intro Develops Into A Driving String Ar… 9
  • Battle Of The Gladiators Full Mix 01:44 Massive Strings Intro Over Thunderous Drums , Concluding Wit… 1
  • Inspira Full Mix 01:26 Heroic Strings Intro Evolves To Thunderous Drums/Strings/Cho… 68
  • The Dominator Full Mix 01:37 Pulsating Synth Introduces Electric Metal Guitar Over Thunde… 62
  • Destined For Greatness Full Mix 01:26 Pulsating Brass And Synth Introduce Thunderous Drums/Strings… 54
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