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  • Second Thoughts Full Mix 01:45 Reflective Emotive Drama 6
  • Moments In Life Full Mix 02:06 Gradually Evolving Emotive Human Drama 1
  • Shadows Of The Past Full Mix 01:27 Fond Memories Of The Past 49
  • Twist Of Fate Full Mix 01:44 Fate Can Be A Cruel Mistress 43
  • The Reason Full Mix 01:48 Time Is Ticking Away While Decisions Have To Be Made 38
  • The Rescue Full Mix 01:43 Heart Stopping Edge Of You Seat Drama 34
  • Arrivederci Full Mix 01:39 Epic Emotive Tear Jerker That Builds To A Climax 28
  • Eternal Truth Full Mix 01:52 Heroic Story Of Undying Love 23
  • Colours Of The Wind Full Mix 01:24 Slow Sparse Emotive Intro Gradually Builds 17
  • Evoke Beauty Full Mix 01:22 There's Something Beautiful Revelling In The Sadness 11
  • Lonely Road Full Mix 01:49 Anxiety Is Building 55
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