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  • Killer'S Lair Full Mix 02:22 Dark Drone With Mournful Piano And Violin Melody 76
  • On To Something Full Mix 02:11 Teutonic Sounding Electro Theme Builds And Develops As More… 69
  • Drama Queen Full Mix 02:57 Starts Off Very Sparse Then Develops Into A Moving Pensive O… 63
  • Night Duty Full Mix 02:14 Intriguing Jazzy Theme With The Feel Of A Smokey Bar Where E… 57
  • Dangerous Liaisons Full Mix 02:37 Ticking Dramatic Orchestral Theme That Builds The Intensity.… 50
  • Conspiracy Theory Full Mix 02:09 Suspenseful Orchestral Theme That Builds The Tension. 46
  • Sinister Mind Full Mix 02:18 Time Is Ticking While A Sinister Murderer Is Out There Lurki… 37
  • Good Cop Sad Cop Full Mix 02:14 Melancholic Theme Of Sadness And Loss. 29
  • Psychopath Full Mix 02:00 Dark Twisted Orchestral Theme With A Demented Piano Motif Gi… 22
  • Deceptive Detective Full Mix 01:49 His Ways May Be Unorthodox But Don't Underestimate This Ecce… 15
  • Stranger On A Train Full Mix 01:56 Orchestral Theme Full Of Intrigue And Mystery 7
  • Poirot Meets Marple Full Mix 01:32 Quirky Take On Of Some Of The Most Famous TV Murder Detectiv… 1
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