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  • Flight Full Mix 02:13 And You'll Be Floating In A Most Spectacular Way 58
  • Balance Full Mix 03:21 Incessant Piano And Strings Drive This Dramatic Theme 55
  • Starlights Full Mix 03:25 Gentle Evocative Theme With A Long Gradual Build 56
  • Time To Fly Full Mix 02:27 Beautiful Evocative Emotional Theme, Sad Yet Hopeful 53
  • Nearest To The Stars Full Mix 02:50 Dreamy Dramatic Movie Style Theme 45
  • Seaside Full Mix 03:37 Serene Vocalisations Over Emotive Piano And Strings 43
  • Solar 9 Full Mix 02:57 Rousing Emotive Futuristic Aerial Theme 41
  • Tides Of Blue Full Mix 03:24 Grand And Swelling With Pride 40
  • Within Reach Full Mix 03:04 Stirring Emotive Orchestral Aerial Theme 31
  • Starry Night Full Mix 03:46 Heavenly Tune To Watch The Night Sky 29
  • A Place To Be Myself Full Mix 05:01 Shimmering Stirring Emotive Theme Soaring Above The Clouds 27
  • Rise Of The Guardians Full Mix 02:29 Compelling Emotional Epic Theme 25
  • Flying Too Close To The Sun Full Mix 03:50 Powerful Heroic Inspiration Aerial Theme 23
  • Snowcapped Full Mix 04:59 Longform Hybrid Track With Beguiling Melody And Lots Of Dyna… 20
  • Heading North Full Mix 02:51 Swelling Awe-inspiring Epic Theme 18
  • Bloom Full Mix 02:41 Epic Emotional Orchestral Theme 12
  • Rising High Full Mix 03:02 Swelling Strings Will Lift You Up Into The Either 9
  • A Moment Of Awe Full Mix 05:07 Slow Building Majestic Aerial Theme 6
  • Above The Canopy Full Mix 04:32 Lush Piano And Strings Combine Beautifully With Synths And S… 4
  • Dawn Of Emotions Full Mix 03:04 Emotive Piano Intro Builds Into An Soaring Epic With Swellin… 1
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