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  • Embrace The Journey Full Mix 01:42 Driving Rhythm Motivates And Pushes Forward Through The Jour… 59
  • Entangled Full Mix 01:49 Elements Of Tension Entangled Into All Facets Of Our Daily L… 54
  • Career Full Mix 00:59 Light Tension Reflects The Ups And Downs Of The Working Life… 50
  • Trust Your Instincts Full Mix 02:17 Delicate Intro With Piano Motif Gently Builds The Tension To… 46
  • Rebirth Full Mix 01:19 Inspirating As A Beautiful Sunrise With A Lush Orchestral Bu… 42
  • No Regrets Full Mix 01:36 Soft Piano Intro Transitions To Powerful Orchestral Statemen… 36
  • Getting Knowledge Full Mix 02:30 Graceful Awakening With Gentle Build To The Wonders Of Gaini… 33
  • Morals Full Mix 02:08 Personal Growth Through The Enligtenment And Understanding O… 27
  • Innocence Lost Full Mix 01:13 Quirky Little Orchestral Transition From Dark To Light. 22
  • Relationships Full Mix 01:14 Beautiful Embryonic Theme. 20
  • Role Models Full Mix 01:39 Builds To A Fast Intense Action Piece. 14
  • Against The Current Full Mix 01:17 Gentle Oscilating Synth Builds With Piano, Brass And Strings… 10
  • Be Yourself Full Mix 02:49 Slow Tentative Steps Transtion Into Happy Positive Mood As W… 5
  • Life Journey Full Mix 02:13 Gentle Piano Intro Builds With Melodic Strings Melody. 1
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